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National Disabled and Helpless Upliftment Association:

NDHUA is a non-profitable, non-political, non-governmental organization established in 2052 B.S. (1995 AD) by a group of highly committed disabled and helpless people. This organization is registered under the Government of Nepal. Its registration number is 440/2052 (Distric Administrative Office), 3645 (SWC) and pan number 311792884. The executive committee members of NDHUA are a group of disabled people who come from different sectors.

Geographically, Nepal is a mountainous country. Due to the poor, social and economic condition, Nepal is lagging behind in educational and other levels. Disabled and helpless people are living very critical and difficult life in our society. Our society still views disability as a menace or the sins committed in the previous birth. The notion that people with disabilities have equal rights and duty as any other individual is largely absent form the popular mindset. So the people with disabilities are treated as an object of pity and charity. They have to face lots of difficulties to live with self-respect in the community.

The conservative society, illiteracy, abject poverty, unemployment and limited government programs have debarred them from exercising their fundamental human rights. As National Statistics shows, most of them still remain unaffected by the policies and laws of the government.

NDHUA is an NGO mainly working with and for the disabled and helpless people who are from poor economical background and live in remote areas.

• NDHUA’s vision is to enable the disabled and helpless people to have a life of dignity by providing them equal opportunity in the community.
NDHUA holds the belief that disabled and helpless people can also contribute to the development of the nation unconditionally.


NDHUA has the mission to provide the disabled and helpless people with education, nutrition, medical care, vocational trainings and physiotherapy so that they can rehabilitate in the community.


• To strengthen the lives of the disabled and helpless people by providing the skill developing trainings so that they can be self-reliant and have a life of dignity in the society

•  To start the production section by providing jobs to the trained people according to the collection of orders placed from various organizations

•  To establish rehabilitation center for wheelchair bound disabled and helpless children


• To develop the competent citizens by developing the skills of the disabled and helpless people so that they can be self-reliant, skillful and capable in the community as well as in the national levels

•  To provide them mobile training camp services as the demand of time in the rural areas

•  To establish a fund according to the organization is resources for providing scholarship to the disabled children

•  To provide sign language education to the deaf and their families

•  To collect the statistics of the disabled and helpless people of the country

•  To educate the community on preventive aspects of disability and help the community implement Community-Based Rehabilitation {CBR} programs for the disabled and helpless people

•  To organize public awareness programs for changing the negative feeling of the society towards the disabled people

•  To develop advocacy strategy at the related agencies for developing effective human rights role

•  To organize development activities with the coordination of governmental and non governmental, national and international donor organizations and achieve the organization’s objectives

•  To safeguard the rights of the disabled and helpless people Top


•  To play an important role to use the economic resources for the benefit and development of the disabled and helpless people

•  To enhance the skills of the disabled and helpless people for developing and strengthening the organization Top


•  Poor economic condition

•  Geographically difficulties

•  Limited government social Welfare facilities

•  The poor policy of the governmental and disability organization.

•  Financially loss of the organization run by or for the disabled.

•  Shortage of the income generating activities programmes


•  To form a higher commission to make effective plans for the welfare of the disabled and helpless people in national level and implement them

•  To empower and enable them by providing timely vocational trainings and other income generating opportunities to the people with disabilities and the people who live in remote areas

•  To raise public awareness activities to protect and promote the rights and opportunities of the people with disabilities

•  To grant financial aid to the organizations that work for and with the disabled and helpless people

•  To employ them in government offices

•  To establish schools for the disabled and helpless children so that their parents can send them to schools.




This NDHUA is being run by the following economic resources

Membership fees obtained from the members.

Help obtained by the donors.

Help and donation obtained from the national and international donor organizations/agencies.

Income (money obtained) from social services and other entertainments.

Financial aid from different offices.

Income from selling products handicrafts that are made by the disabled and helpless people.

Income from the organization’s current assets,etc. Top



NDHUA General Assembly as its supreme policy making body which elects an executive committee members every four years to execute the programs. General Assembly also makes its decision annually on the policies, programs, budgets and other activities that are prepared and presented by its executive committee .


NDHUA offers four categories of membership-Life, Ordinary, Helpful and Honorary
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•  To establish a school for wheelchair bound disabled children and other able poor children.

•  A reliable market to sell the goods that are made by trained disabled and helpless people.

Production section:

NDHUA provides job opportunities to the trained people and runs Maina Pennwood Sahara Griha by selling the products made by the trained people in national and international markets. NDHUA aims at running this production section with a view to run Maina Pennwood Sahara Griha smoothly
WE appeal to you for your support by creating them an environment to work for their living. If you help the disabled and helpless people, this can bring positive changes in their lives. Hence, We feel pride and pleasure to declare that we can sell and take the orders for the following goods made by the disabled and helpless people.

• Handmade and machine, knitted bags and woolen sweaters.
•Thanka Painting and Sewing
• Carpets
• Dools and fabric painting
• Fragranced burning sticks incense and other handcraft goods etc.

We request you all for participating in the campaign. We heartly Welcome your valuable help and emulative suggestion.