Chhabi Raman Pokharel's Life

Name: - Chhabi Raman Pokharel

Disability: -Physical Different-able

Permanent Add.:- Okhaldhunga, Sagarmatha

Temporary Add.:- Gokarneshor , Jorpati, KTM
My Childhood: -


I am second son of my family among 8 children. At the age of 2 years, was very sick & had high fever. At that time we didn’t have any heath care service & our place is very remote place too, due to that I could not get any treatment from health centre. So our traditional concept was applied there to me like local or community healer (Dhami, jhakri, Phmkphar etc). At lot of many & resounds were spurted there. It could not get better to me so my parents & neighbor took me Janakpaur hospital to take about 5 days. After the medication fever was disc eased gaudery but my right leg was unable to weight bear so I waked with two hands & one leg. My school was quit for me to take two hour. It is high region so very difficult to wake very narrow & steep way to go to school. It was unable to go school my self. I could not read & write from there. At the villagers suggest & advice my family to take KTM otherwise his life is dank. Due to a lot of children & any income resource so my parent wanted to take me in KTM due to that unable to do about transportation cost & no body to care other children & my family marked on field. Our field & able to feed about 6-7 month & rest of the month parent as labor to have food for us. Few land & tradition agricultural product would not enough for bun big family.

With the helped of some neighbor it was in kathmandu & they took me some relative’s rents small room. Stay there about 6 months. My ante took me Miss Angurbaba Joshi, who was very big social worker in Nepal. My ante request to her help or put some wire to have my better life. So they admitted to me Nepal Disabled Association, Khagendra New Life Center, Jorpati,KTM . Angurbaba Joshi put me won her car to take that Association on 2037. At that time that Association, President was prof. Garesh Raj Singh. I was 5, 6 years old at that time. While I was staging there I felt along nibs & new place for me. I was anything a lot &would not eat. I spent my babyhood life. From Nepal Disabled Association (NDA). I studies at morning time & knitting carpet training was at day time. That place or Association was opened by very borrow & kindness disabled person whose name is Mr. Khagendra Bahadur Basnet. It is a social organization, who died on 2034.

While life me there my family never came them so I feel that. I was the probes to them & I hope they felt happy while I was there. And my parent felt that

I was the main course & load of my family as well as put the load something and feel free. After the is recognized my parents.

While I passed 8 grade from NDA & stayed at out side on 2049 B.S. According to there rule & regulation after 8 grade we have to leave NDA. After that I did not have anything to stay ant & nobody to help me but I take very lucky to get opportunity from one of American org whose name is Allan Strope, & he was working at NYOF. So that I get scholarship from them. I finished 10th grad from them & according to their suggestion; I was interested to have radio, watch & photography training. After getting those training, I was back to my village & opened one shop tin 4, 5 years become it is very difficult to get materials from there so some time we have to come KTM. Some now I worked some years watching with conches than demand was very high & very changed situation so I would not run that shop and also that was conflict with govt. & Maoist. Due to all situations, I could not stay at long time. I went back to Kathmandu without getting anything from that shop. After 4 years, I went back to my village but there was no any shop materials.


My present life

Now I am staying with my family, wife, one elder son & two daughters at Jorpati KTM. In rental room. I was working Child Development and Family Awareness Center (day care center) as a Social facilitator. I am very much thank full to CNF’s Principal & President as well as principal Mr.Choodamani Poudel & this school family because I got opportunity to help & support needy children & family. My wife is also working at Nepal Disabled Association, Khagendra New Life Home. She is also helping helpless disabled people. We one very happy & proud to have good life. May son & elders daughter are getting care & studying from CNF.

I am waking with caliper my ken & foot ware contracture so, Dr. Ashok Kumar Baskota did surgery for me & to more better walk with caliper while, I am many in hilly areas, I used to me contacts than the moves me can food then the previous. I am working & participation on various activities to disabled & needy people as well as organization, I am very proud & happy to help disabled & needy people as same life me. I am very proud & motivate from own my situation, Khagendra Bdr. Basnet, Mr. Allan Strope (Allan Father) and my self. I came today to their generous contribution to me be a able goy.

Now I am very happy with my aunty who helped me to put in NDA, so that I got an opportunity to help people. If I were in my village I may die in small age or may have load to my family and survive in very miserable condition as others who are living very awful life. I mean to say that in our country a lot of disabled children are at very risk point so if our small help can  make their life better. Please let’s sake hands for their betterment.


Disabled people have also inherent potentials within them waiting to blossom. We, the disabled people, don't need your sympathy but long for equal opportunities to discover and reach our potential. If we get equality for education and skills development, we can contribute to the welfare of the mankind and the country. But we need sound fund to run a hostel for the disabled children because we have only limited source.

Finally, I appeal to all the people, donors, NGOs and INGOS for your emulative

Suggestions, encouragement or financial support to the welfare of underprivileged and

Disabled people. We believe, your small aid can help them get education. Please

visit our website www.disabilityhelpless.org.np or

E-mail:-info@disabilityhelpless.org.np, ndhuadisabled@yahoo.com for further information



National Disabled & Helpless Upliftment Association


Social facilitator

Child Development and Family Awareness Center (day care center)


Former President

Nepal Disabled Association, Khagendra New Life Center

Alumina Society


Central member

Nepal Disabled Association, Khagendra New Life Center



Social Welfare Council

National Disabled Fund



Nepal Disabled association Khagendra Sport Committee



Thank you all friends and well wishers.